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The Cognitive Interview

The Cognitive Interview was developed by psychotherapist for interviewing victims, witnesses and law enforcement officers involved in traumatic events. Endorsed by the Force Science Institute and

the U.S. Department of Justice.

Experience the finest in Cognitive Interview training for practitioners

by leading Cognitive Interviewers and instructors.


This training course is endorsed by Dr. Ed Geiselman.



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Training Videos

Curriculum includes:

  • Training of Dr. Geiselman discussing the science behind The Cognitive Interview protocol.

  • Updated series of training videos demonstrating each Step of the current Cognitive Interview protocol. Videos show step-by-step an actual Cognitive Interview of a Law Enforcement Officer shot during an ambush while responding to a domestic disturbance. The Interview was conducted by one of the leading Cognitive Interviewers. Dr. Geiselman calls it the best Cognitive Interview he has ever seen.


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