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Proactive Leadership

Learn how to think, speak and act like a leader. The curriculum and techniques are designed to significantly enhance participant's skills in performing the communication skills essential for inspiring others to follow. The curriculums were designed to close the gap between academic theory and application in the workplace. This curriculum is the foundation that supports all other leadership and management theories.

Proactive Leadership

This curriculum covers a full range of emotional intelligence and social intelligence skills. How to accurately read people at the interpersonal level.

Learn how to demonstrate and manage the two most important behaviors in leadership. The curriculum addresses the universally weakest link in leadership by turning it into a strength.

Learn to read micro-expressions; manage and change belief systems; subconscious rapport-building; a powerful trust-distrust model; and,

 how to apply transformational leadership.

Detailed Course Description

Proactive Leadership

This curriculum includes the curriculum from the 2-day course. Plus, how to manage ethical dilemmas; how to apply effective models in interpersonal problem-solving and decision-making; distinguishing between mistakes and transgressions and your appropriate response based on Game Theory; refine your ability to communicate using informational processing, and, how to apply transformational leadership.

Detailed Course Description

2-Day Managing the Emotional and Social Health of Our Youth

Detailed Course Description

Many of the issues facing young people, schools and communities are symptoms of the real problem impacting our society today. The real problem is underdeveloped emotional intelligence and social intelligence skills. Emotional and Social Intelligence skills have been on the decline in the U.S. for almost 100 years, accelerating to the downside over the last 30 years.

Learn how to think, speak and act like a mentor to inspire others to learn. To model appropriate behavior and guide our Youth through life's journey.

It begins with reading other's body language and raising our own self-awareness. Train to manage our emotions and the emotions of others. And learn to accurately read the seven universal emotions in the face.

Learn interpersonal models to effectively manage confrontation, positive feedback, managing belief systems, build subconscious rapport, enhancing trust and minimizing distrust, and applying transformational leadership.

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