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R. Edward Geiselman, PhD

Co-founder of the Cognitive Interview

     R. Edward Geiselman is the co-developer of the Cognitive Interview technique.  He has been a Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, for 34 years.  He earned his undergraduate degree from Purdue University in 1972 where he studied engineering and psychology.  Subsequently, he earned both Masters and PhD degrees from Ohio University in experimental psychology. 

     Since joining the faculty at UCLA, he has published over 100 research papers in social-science and police-science journals.  He is the author of five books including The Psychology of Murder, Intersections of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Law (Volumes 1, 2, & 3), Eyewitness Expert Testimony, and Memory Enhancing Techniques for Investigative Interviewing: The Cognitive Interview. 

     Professor Geiselman has conducted training and offered other consulting services for numerous investigative agencies including the FBI, Homeland Security, US Secret Service, US State Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Singapore Police Force, Health and Human Services, NTSB, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, U.S. Marine Corps, Walter-Reed Army Hospital, Black Hat, and Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption.  He also conducts investigative interviews for local police departments in ongoing cold-case investigations.  

     Dr. Geiselman was awarded the Mary-Ellen McCormick award by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 2013 for his career contributions to the investigation of child abuse cases.


Mary Daugherty

Senior Special Agent (ret.)

     Senior Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, has been called the best of the best as an interviewer and instructor in Analytic Interviewing, Cognitive Interviewing and reading micro-expressions. The Analytic Interviewing technique was the basis for the FOX television series “Lie to Me”. Until recently, Analytic Interviewing was only available to select criminal interviewers, intelligence officers and military intelligence.

     Researchers in psychotherapy bestowed the title of “Truth Wizard” upon Mary as she can accurately detect deception over 80% of the time in all three areas of deception. In a study across the United States testing 13,000 law enforcement officers, judges and psychologist’s ability to detect deception, only 29 could detect deception over 80% of the time in all three areas of deception. These 29 individuals are recognized as Truth Wizards.

     Agent Daugherty began her 24-year career at ATF with the Arson and Explosive group. Later she worked as an undercover agent for ten years infiltrating the most violent and dangerous criminal organizations in Texas: including the Jamaican Posse street gang; Chinese organized crime; Mexican Mafia; Bandido motorcycle gang; street gangs involved in violent home invasions, etc.

     During an 18-month undercover inquiry, Agent Daugherty and another Agent personally purchased weapons and narcotics from 17 members of the Texas Syndicate, resulting in 41 felony convictions. She was honored by the 100 Club of Houston as "Officer of the Year" for the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

Agent Daugherty became involved in an inquiry of a group converting semi-automatic rifles to fully automatic assault rifles. In addition to conducting surveillance and debriefing the undercover agent, she acted in the capacity as the undercover agent’s girlfriend. On February 28, 1993, Federal Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were ambushed while executing a lawful search warrant on the compound where the group lived. Assault rifles opened fire as agents dismounted from their vehicles. Agent Daugherty was the last agent to exit the cattle trailer as it was being destroyed by .223 and .50 caliber weapons fire. During the intense 90-minute gun battle, 4 agents were killed and 19 were wounded. Agent Daugherty only sustained a rifle round through the pocket of her uniform pants which struck an agent behind her. After being involved in the largest gun battle in U.S. law enforcement history, Mary was one of the last ATF agents to leave the grounds of the compound. On the third day of the ensuing standoff, Agent Daugherty and another agent met with members of the Branch Davidians to remove the first two children from the compound. She was able to obtain invaluable intelligence concerning casualties and conditions inside the compound. As result of this experience, she became a negotiator attached to a Federal Special Response Team for 5 years.

     Mary became an internationally renowned instructor with the Institute of Analytic Interviewing, Inc. (IAI), training the trainers for government agencies in the U.S. and abroad. As one of the leading instructors with IAI, Mary worked with Dr. Paul Ekman, Dr. Mark Frank, Dr. Maureen O’Sullivan and Dr. Ed Geiselman learning and applying the latest and most advanced scientific research available in interviewing techniques.

     In addition to her case load, she instructed Interviewing and Undercover Schools for ATF for 18 years. As a certified instructor for the Department of the Treasury and Department of Justice, Mary has instructed thousands of Law Enforcement officers/agents at numerous conferences and training programs.

     Senior Special Agent Daugherty finished her career as an ATF Intelligence Officer assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

     The remainder of her biography is still classified top secret by the U.S. Government.

Tab W. Cooper, LCC

     Tab W. Cooper is quickly becoming recognized for his skills-based approach to modifying participant behavior to enhance a wide range of interpersonal skills, personally and professionally.
     Tab is a veteran law enforcement officer with 20 years of experience.
He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement and Police Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Tab also completed 36 hours of post-graduate work in management, communication studies and business communication.
     Tab trained with renowned counseling psychologist Dr. Stephen Sampson learning to teach social and emotional intelligence and nonverbal communication skills.
He continued his professional development as a Business Communication lecturer at Sam Houston State University in 2006. Tab taught a variety of business communication courses during his seven years with the College of Business
Administration applying his experience, advanced training, research and extensive post-graduate education in the fields of management, leadership, communication studies, business communication and counseling psychology.
     Tab has published a number of research articles in police and academic journals.
Tab is a certified instructor by the Institute of Analytic Interviewing and has made highly significant contributions toward enhancing Analytic Interviewing. This included conducting numerous interviews with four Truth Wizards to better understand how they are able to detect deception almost 100% of the time, solidifying the structure to accelerate your learning curve, and to teach how to become a Truth Wizard.

Justin Atherton

     Justin Atherton is an accomplished law enforcement professional with an unwavering dedication to his role as an instructor. With over 17 years of experience, he brings a wealth of practical expertise to the field.

     Justin's career in the criminal justice field began in the Texas prison system, where he ascended to the position of Gang Intelligence Sergeant for his unit. His journey continued as he transitioned to a Peace Officer role and quickly excelled. Within two years of joining as a patrol officer, he was handpicked as a Field Training Officer and secured a coveted spot on the SWAT team. His rapid advancement continued as he was promoted to the role of Detective in under four years.

     Recognizing Justin's unique ability to impart knowledge and skills, he was recruited to serve as an instructor in interview and leadership tactics, solidifying his reputation as a skilled trainer.

     Currently, Justin holds a key leadership role as an Operations Lieutenant. In this capacity, he oversees a significant portion of the patrol division, managing Training, Wellness, Field Training, Defensive Tactics, and Scenario Training programs. His instructional contributions are substantial, covering topics such as Leadership, ALERRT, Defensive Tactics, Scenarios, Wellness, and Managing Emotions.

     Justin is not only a seasoned law enforcement officer but also a passionate instructor and trainer. His commitment to continuous improvement is evident in his active participation in various training programs, including instructor development. He also avidly studies books and articles focused on interview techniques, emotional intelligence, and detecting deception, which serve as the bedrock of his leadership and training skills. Justin Atherton is a valuable asset in the realm of law enforcement instruction, with a profound dedication to enhancing the capabilities of his colleagues and the agencies he serves.

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