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The Cognitive Interview

     What you are about to experience is the most comprehensive and advanced version of The Cognitive Interview Protocol. This curriculum has been endorsed by Dr. Ed Geiselman, co-founder of The Cognitive Interview.

     In 1999, the U.S. Department of Justice adopted the Cognitive Interview technique as the standard for interviewing victims and witnesses for Eyewitness Evidence collection. The technique is endorsed by the Force Science Institute as the standard for interviewing law enforcement officers involved in a "use of force" incident. The technique was expanded for use to get detailed statements from suspects.

     This curriculum is endorsed by Dr. Ed Gieselman and taught by exceptional criminal interviewer and interviewing instructor retired Senior Special Agent Mary Daugherty. 

What you are about to experience is the most comprehensive and advanced version of The Cognitive Interview Protocol. 

     This course includes the training videos of Dr. Ed Geiselman discussing:

the science behind the Cognitive Interview protocol; when to interview an Officer involved in a deadly force encounter; factors impacting Officer’s memory recall; and, the pros and cons of whether to have the Officer review any videos and the scene before, during or after the Cognitive Interview has been conducted.

     This course also includes a series of training videos, consisting of the actual Cognitive Interview of a Police Officer shot while responding to a domestic violence call.. The videos demonstrate each Step of the Cognitive Interview Protocol. The Officer was one of three Officers shot during an ambush and ensuing shootout inside a home.

Dr. Geiselman calls it the best Cognitive Interview he has ever seen.

These videos are a must see for every Law Enforcement Officer who has been, or potentially could be involved in a deadly-force encounter.

     The training includes interviewing suspects based on the science from the field of Human Deception and Detection. How to accurately detect and manage deception based on research conducted by researchers in the field of psychotherapy.

Dr. Geiselman discussing when to interview LEOs after a deadly force encounter

4-Day The Cognitive Interview Course
Detailed Course Description


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